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Elevate Your Culinary Experience with OKO Wholefoods

Discover the Difference of Pure, Natural Cooking Oils Crafted with Care. From Our Kitchen to Yours, Experience Healthier, Tastier, and More Versatile Options for Your Everyday Meals. Join Us in Nourishing Your Body, Connecting with Your Food, and Unleashing Your Culinary Creativity.

About OKO Whole Foods

Chennai's First Wholefoods Store

We're the pioneers of Wholefoods in Chennai, offering natural and minimally processed food. Our aim is to provide healthy, additive-free options for our customers.

Healthy Choices for You

Looking for healthier food options? You're in the right place. We believe in the power of good food to nourish your body and soul. That's why we offer the best quality unprocessed food.

Quality at Affordable Prices

Find high-quality food and supplements at great prices here. We prioritize quality and offer minimally processed options without breaking the bank.

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Our Story

"At OKO Wholefoods, we're more than just cooking oil. We're about nourishment, connection, and culinary creativity. Collaborating with top chefs and nutritionists, we've crafted healthier, tastier, and more versatile oils. Our range is delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and ethically sourced. But we're not just about products; we care about our community and the planet. Partnering with local farmers, supporting fair trade practices, and donating profits to food security and sustainability groups, OKO Wholefoods embodies our values, love for food, and commitment to a better world."

Our Values


We prioritize natural and minimally processed food, free from additives and artificial substances, ensuring they're healthy and safe for consumption.


We believe in the power of food to heal and nourish, offering the highest quality unprocessed options available.


 Our products are sustainable and ethically sourced, supporting local farmers and fair trade practices to minimize our environmental impact.


We're committed to giving back to our community, donating profits to food security and sustainability groups to support a healthier world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the healthiest and highest quality cooking oil available. With a seamless shopping experience and a dedicated customer support team, we are committed to helping you cook healthier meals with the best quality oil.

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